Welcome to @AnaDialectics

This is the home of @AnaDialectics, where the applied philosophy of mind and langauge of #ADM lives.

This is the home of @AnaDialectics,  where the applied philosophy of mind and language that we call #AnaDialectical Materialism lives. You will see stories, reflections, essays, twitter posts, videos, audio files, images, animations and computer games that develop the applied methods of dealing with distress, structural oppression and 'life misery' popping up here in the near future. In the meantime know that we are working hard to get @AnaDialectics into being. @AnaDialectics is the creation of @MHNurselecturer and is the autonetnographic and community netnographic product of his ongoing developing PhD by publication project. It focuses on the application of multiple-psychosocial approaches to getting past suffering and oppression typically referred to by other paradigms as 'mental health problems' or 'mental illness'. It is an inter-subjective, inter-sectional approach to learning to transform ourselves creatively from places of distress and suffering to fruitful lives fostering wellbeing and welldoing.